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Growing up in Huntington Beach, California, I was surrounded and inspired by naturally beautiful "beach bunnies and babes." I will always see a dewy bronze makeup look like a memory of my childhood — summers, and winters at the beach, tanning oil, and sea salt hair spray in hand. Being half Chinese half American "hapa," I never liked how other people did my makeup, and I felt they didn't understand my face, especially my eyes. After a makeup application, I always went home and changed the makeup I just paid to have done. In addition to makeup; I gratefully inherited my Dad's natural curly fro (my family always said I have a lion's mane :)) which I also felt not many stylists understood my curls. Back then straighteners weren't invented yet, and when they did come out, I remember hair stylists would always straighten my hair versus working with and playing with my natural curls. Luckily, I have amazing parents who saw my long hours playing in the bathroom with makeup and hair products as a passion and supported me in attending makeup school in Los Angeles right out of High School. I dreamed of doing makeup for movies, fashion, and celebrities and I lived that dream for eight years. A deeper calling within my heart led me to the heart of Silicon Valley, Menlo Park, where I discovered a hidden passion and joy of doing makeup and hair for Weddings. Inspired by my beach bunny roots, I am known for my natural approach to applying makeup with a touch of Hollywood Glam. I love seeing freckles and skin, and believe it's not about covering up but enhancing your already natural beauty. I am also lucky to attract kind and magical clients whom I see as long-term friends. There is a closeness and connection I have with every one of them. I am quickly in one of the most intimate spaces with people which is why connecting, listening, vulnerability, and openness are valuable to me when working with my clients. In my spare time you can see me painting in rich oil colors and spreading magic and fun anywhere and way I can. I also go by the name Phoenix, Furbicorn (Furby unicorn), or Mermaid and I am often seen rollerblading or hiking with my Dragon (Hubby) or snuggling with my Liger, Ella. Ultimately, what I want my clients to know is I am building an experience with you. One where we get to have fun, be our Goddess selves and live out your dream. 

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